The Artist

It is Angeline’s rare creative spirit and design flair that set her apart as an internationally renowned artist. But it is easy to come up with a long list of additional reasons why she is so successful and has managed to expand her positive influence, so that she also provides sustainable income to a network of other family members who were trained by her and who now help to execute the orders that Angeline brings in.


Angeline was only eight years old when her aunt, a competent basket weaver, started to teach her to do basket weaving. Even then, her aunt and the customers who bought from her recognised Angeline’s technical skill. ‘The woman who bought from my aunt always looked at my baskets first’, recalls Angeline.


By the age of 18, Angeline was creating her own unique basket designs. Thanks to her aunt’s introduction, Angeline started to supply baskets to the African Art Centre in Durban from 1995. She attended several basket-making workshops and won First Prize at the 2006 FNB VITA Crafts Exhibition.

For orders, contact Angeline Masuku at:

or +27 (0)72 109 9329

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